Standup Paddle
By AquaveLA

Surfs Up! Experience Paddle Boarding at Aquavela


Looking for an exciting and easy-to-learn watersport? Look no further than standup paddle boarding at Aquavela. Immerse yourself in the Florida sunshine and embark on a paddleboarding adventure like no other.

What makes paddleboarding truly special? It’s not just about being outdoors, enjoying the company of friends, and getting an incredible core workout. It’s the serenity that surrounds you, the freedom to dive into the water at any moment, and bask in the warm sun. Whether you prefer the tranquility of flat water or the thrill of riding waves, paddleboarding offers it all. You can fish, practice yoga, engage in exhilarating races, or simply unwind and relax. Whatever you desire, a paddleboard is your gateway to endless possibilities.

Join our friendly team at Aquavela for a safe and pressure-free paddleboarding experience. Our introductory lessons are designed to ensure you feel comfortable and confident. Take your time acclimating as you come in and out of our lake beach, allowing yourself to warm up to this incredible sport.

Once you’re ready, take the next step and sign up for a group paddle where we maintain a nice workout pace, perfect for exploring and enjoying the waters.

Looking to make paddleboarding your go-to weekly escape? No problem! Inquire about joining our exclusive Club for even more exciting perks and benefits.

Discover the joy of paddleboarding at Aquavela – where adventure, serenity, and fun come together!

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Intro to SUP

30 min lesson
$ 25 Per Person
  • Paddle technique
  • Safety
  • Practice
  • Next to shore

Group Paddle

1 Hour
$ 40 Per Person
  • Paddle Technique
  • Safety
  • Practice
  • Around the lake