Wing Foiling
By Aquavela


Fly Over Water!

Wing surfing is a new water sport that incorporates elements of surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. An easy fun and relatively simple sport to learn the wing surfing incorporates a wing kite that is detached from the board but unlike kitesurfing you don’t have those long and dangerous lines, the rider controls the kite wing by direct contact.

Beginner lessons utilize a trainer windsurf board along with the wing for propulsion to help master the wing independently from the board. As the riders progress they can then switch from a trainer platform to a smaller board equipped with a hydrofoil and thus graduate to wing foiling. Behold the birth of a new sport, the Wing Surf!





2 HR

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2 Hour lesson
$ 125 _
  • One Student
  • Sailing theory
  • Safety
  • Practice


2 Hour lesson
$ 100 Per Person
  • Two Students
  • Sailing theory
  • Safety
  • Practice


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Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Making Your Reservation

Reservations should be made at least 72 hours (3 days) prior. Aquavela Watersports reserves an instructor, the lesson time block and all the equipment you need when you make your reservation – so you can just focus on enjoying your time in the water. Lessons are paid online and in full at the time of the reservation.

Cancellation Policy

To ensure excellent service for all our customers, we require that any cancellations or adjustments be made 48 hours before the scheduled reservation.  

Reservations made 3 days or more in advance and canceled 48 hours (two days) before the lesson will be given a 100% refund.

Reservations made 2 days in advance and canceled within 24 hours of making the reservation: 50% refund or 50% store credit or reschedule for another date.

Any no-shows or cancellations made fewer than 24 hours before the scheduled reservation time will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

Inclement Weather Policy

Safety is our number one priority, in the event we have to cancel your lesson for inclement weather a rain-check voucher will be given.